McKinney artist’s collection offers large and small pieces for every budget

Digvi Kapasi, Art by Dig

Artist Digvi Kapasi DeSevo’s online store, Art by Dig, offers a wide range of hand-made acrylic artwork. 

“Sometimes people think of having a custom art piece as a luxury,” she said. “I am a strong believer of bringing good energy to others. And, one way I can do that is by sharing my art. To know that someone trusts one of my art pieces to fill their home, with whatever it is they are trying to achieve, is pretty rad.”

Trays, jewelry bowls, and coasters are among the most popular. These are made from acrylic paints and resin on wood that are durable enough to be used every day. She also uses canvas or birch panels for wall art.

Larger wall pieces tend to be more costly because of the amount of time required and the cost of supplies.

“I think one thing that people don’t realize is how expensive it is to be an artist,” she said. “The cost of material is astronomical. The other thing I don’t think people realize is the amount of time it takes to create a piece.”

These types of projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Many pieces are done in steps and have multiple layers.

While a wood tray might take her a week or two, a wall piece could take up to four months to complete.

DeSevo dreamt of working as an artist before it came a reality

“Art has always been a passion,” DeSevo said. “I feel like every artist says that, but it’s true. I always loved art, doodling, painting, creating, and crafting. I took painting classes in high school and then I went on to work on an art portfolio for art school.”

DeSevo, 35, wasn’t sure if she’d be able to get a job with an art degree, so she changed her major to psychology and worked as a school counselor and academic advisor in New Jersey and Texas.

“I yearned for something so much more,” she said. “After my first child, I decided to become a stay at home mom. At that time, I was looking to decorate my home with some wall art and decided to do it myself.”

That’s when DeSevo’s actual art career took off.

“It was always in me, but it was a matter of just being in the right place at the right time,” she said.

Many different things help inspire DeSevo’s artwork. “This may sound crazy, but it really is the simple things. It can be the weather outside, or the right song, or a piece of art by another artist. For me, it is the mood and energy and idea.”

Click here to check out some of Digvi’s artwork. You can also contact her at

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