Professional bookkeeping and business services you can count on

My Bookkeeping Guy is prepared to meet the accounting and financial consulting needs of small, midsize, and large businesses.

CEO Gonzalo Cagigal ll

“Whether it’s bookkeeping, professional services, or tax preparation, I’m committed to keeping your accounts organized,” said CEO Gonzalo Cagigal ll of McKinney. “Regardless of whether you require one task or several, I’m your one-stop shop.”

My Bookkeeping Guy has a virtual system in place that allows it to cater to businesses all over the country. Clients can schedule meetings in-person, virtually or over the phone.

“We love helping new businesses grow and reach beyond their own expectations,” Cagigal said. “We make sure we have an open and strong link in communication.”

Cagigal chose the name My Bookkeeping Guy because it was easy to remember and fun.

“I’ve so often heard people say ‘try my bookkeeping guy’ to help your small business out,” he recalled. “So, naturally, I decided to name my business My Bookkeeping Guy, LLC.”

Cagigal, who’s bilingual in Spanish, was born and raised in Brownsville, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. He received a master’s degree in accounting from the University of Dallas Gupta College of Business.

For nearly two decades, Cagigal has worked for the government in a variety of roles that include customer service, accounting and auditing.

“My ability to analyze detail goes down to the granular level,” he said. “I’m highly knowledgeable in finance and auditing procedures, and I’m particularly skilled in identifying discrepancies and correcting data. I possess the customer service and communication skills to then relay my knowledge to you.”

Cagigal has recently brought Juan Morales on board to help with business services. Morales is a financial analyst and consultant who helps small businesses and individuals increase revenue and gain financial literacy. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a professional certificate in business analytics.

“It all starts from our first call,” Cagigal said. “We take the opportunity to learn who you are and introduce you to our mission and philosophy on how we can help your accounting and business service needs.”

The company values the relationships it has developed with longtime customers and plans to continue strengthening them.

“We enjoy building those personal relationships and earning our clients’ trust when we are working together,” Cagigal said. “We may be starting out small, but we have knowledge and experience gained from working for Fortune 500 companies and the government that we have leveraged and molded to benefit you and your company.”

To learn more about My Bookkeeping Guy, please email or call (972) 646-0217.

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