Katie Scarlett Shi has always had a gift for influencing the way people think. For over fifteen years, she has been putting that gift to use working in writing, advertising, and public relations. Now, as President/CEO of Scarlett Communications, she is dedicated to helping her clients develop meaningful strategies for growth, expansion and sustained success in the Dallas area.

Katie’s career as a reporter began in 2006 with The Saginaw Township Times. Within a year, she became the youngest female editor in the paper’s history. Her journalism career flourished for several years, as she went on to work for several major publications in Colorado, including Gazette’s Loveland Connection and The Coloradoan. In 2014, she earned her MBA from CU Denver, where she wrote hundreds of blog posts on behalf of the University’s Global Energy Management Program. Additionally, she organized a monthly speaker series on campus and recruited several chief level executives to participate. This diverse experience collaborating with the college and planning events provided her with the expertise and people skills she would need to found her own successful business.

What separates Katie from her competitors is her natural aptitude for distilling complex stories into engaging narratives. Her keen understanding of human nature and the way people make decisions has allowed her to create incredibly effective marketing campaigns for a wide variety of clients. Katie prides herself on staying at the forefront of her industry, keeping up with the latest trends, and instilling plans for long term success. While the way we do business is certainly changing, Katie is looking forward to embracing the challenge and helping her clients thrive for years to come.

She can be reached by email at katie.shi@scarlettcommunications.com.

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