Katie Scarlett Shi has always had a gift for influencing the way people think. For over fifteen years, she has been putting that gift to use working in writing, advertising, and public relations.

As the owner of Scarlett Communications LLC, Katie Scarlett Shi is leveraging her background in journalism and business consulting to help companies engage their customers and grow relationships. Shi served as a public relations consultant for several years before officially launching Scarlett Communications, a Dallas-based consulting firm that specializes in public relations and marketing for small to medium-sized entities. Scarlett Communications offers comprehensive public relations, content marketing, social media and special event services.

Shi has held marketing, communications, and technology leadership roles in Dallas and Denver. She also worked as a newspaper editor, reporter, and television producer in Michigan and Colorado. She holds a Masters of Business Administration degree from CU Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree from Michigan State University. Shi currently serves as an officer on several nonprofit boards, including a local chapter of her alma mater, Michigan State University. She is also a member of the Public Relations Society of America.

She can be reached by email at katie@scarlettcommunications.com.

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