Seeking the next ambassadors of Miss Economic World 2021

Deadlines are quickly approaching to enter the Miss Economic World pageant. Winners receive national media spotlight along with high-status modeling and acting opportunities.

Founder May Liu

Dallas, TX—International film producer May Liu founded Miss Economic World in 2020 to help artists achieve their dreams.

“It’s not just a beauty pageant, it’s a worldwide culture Olympics,” Liu said. “There are many beauty pageants out there trying to exploit beauty in various ways. We’re reimagining the concept to instead focus on the economic impact of women in the global marketplace, online and offline.”

Miss Economic World connects pageant contestants with influencers of international renown. To qualify for the pageant, you must be a female with at least three years of modeling experience and between the age of 18 and 30. There is no limitation on nationality and no participation fee. The deadline to apply is June 25.

“Beauty goes past the surface, and that’s what we’re looking for,” said Myriam Adda, Miss Economic World 2020 of France. “We strive to empower women, embrace cultures and embody the beauty that comes from within. We look for someone who is driven, kind, and focused on becoming the best version of herself.”

Miss Economic World pageant is organized by Superstar Art Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization established in Texas. The foundation provides pageant winners with career-enhancing jobs and roles in movies and TV shows. In the past, Superstar Art Foundation has partnered with financial investors, family offices, art galleries and fashion brands.

The first pageant attracted contestants from 54 countries, and the Gala was to take place on the red carpet at Cannes, France before the pandemic hit. The venue was changed to New York’s Metropolitan Club in response to travel restrictions. This year, Liu is looking at locations in Texas to hold the competition with the Gala ultimately to return to Cannes.

“I created Miss Economic World primarily as a platform for promoting the substantial role of women in all spectra of industries,” May Liu said. “I think women’s impact on the products and productivity of the modern economy is limitless.”

Superstar Art Foundation’s mission is to encourage any form of art that contributes to the promotion of the humanities, women’s rights, children’s welfare, humane treatment of animals, world peace, and familial harmony. Last year, the pageant produced a video to promote antiracism.

A notable co-organizer is Skyfourth Film Investment Ltd. This investment firm, in partnership with China Film Group, produced and financed more than 10 films globally, each averaging $50 million invested. Click here for more information about the pageant and to apply as a contestant or judge.

About May Liu: She was a jury member of the Film Finance award in Cannes in 2012 and a jury member of Miss United in China in 2016. She served as vice chair of the 2018 U.S. China International Film Festival in Texas. She received the Best Screenplay award for the film Blooming Sisters. As a film producer, she was involved in the financing for The Revenant and Escape Plan 2. She produced Shadow Days, which came in seventh place in Chinese movies at the Berlin film festival in 2014. Along with Fake Fiction, released in China in 2014, and Inside Out, released in China in 2016, among others.

May Liu has a master’s degree in finance from Baruch CUNY. She was a licensee at First Shanghai Securities in Hong Kong and has worked in the financial industry for more than 10 years. She raised more than $200 million in private capital from 2003 to 2008. She has provided stock financing for many public companies and family offices.

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