FiveFifty takes home AVA Digital Award

Denver, CO–Digital marketing agency FiveFifty was recently selected to receive a gold-level award from among thousands of global contestants.

Ryan Wilson, Founder and CEO of FiveFifty

FiveFifty competed in the measurement and analytics category of the AVA Digital Awards. Judges from the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals chose FiveFifty based on the work it does to examine the results of digital marketing campaigns. By using a client’s own data to interpret customer behavior, FiveFifty can tell companies what to focus on and how to grow revenue.

“This recognition demonstrates our expertise and leadership in measuring digital marketing campaigns,” said FiveFifty Account Director Josh Pauletic who submitted the nomination. “The award showcases the high-quality of work we do every day.”

This was FiveFifty’s first time being recognized with the award.

“What our clients know about our work is becoming public knowledge,” said Ryan Wilson, Founder and CEO of FiveFifty. “Digital marketing campaigns can be very complicated for clients to digest. Our platform pulls together media metrics and social media analytics, then simplifies the data so our work is more meaningful.”

AVA Digital recognizes the outstanding achievement of creative professionals that are an integral part of digital communication’s conceptualization, design, production and evolution. The judges are industry experts from the Association of Marketing and Communication.

“There’s a lot of competition in the digital marketing industry,” Wilson said. “What differentiates us from competitors is our strong sense of doing right by our clients. Every business talks about data analytics. What really matters is that clients have access to that technology. The results empower clients, and they are able to focus future campaigns on where they will have the biggest impact.”

FiveFifty was founded by Wilson in 2012, and Pauletic was the first employee to join the team in 2014. The agency now has ten full time employees. The primary services offered are data and analytics, media buying and search engine optimization (SEO).

Through targeted ad buying and placement, the agency makes it simple for clients to effectively reach their audience. FiveFifty is one of the top media planning agencies in Colorado and has helped businesses significantly increase profits.

About FiveFifty: FiveFifty is named after U.S. Route 550, a spur of U.S. Highway 50 that runs from Bernalillo, New Mexico to Montrose, Colorado in the western United States. It is also referred to as the “Million Dollar Highway.” Entrepreneurs in the late 1800’s constructed it as a toll road, linking commerce between lucrative mining districts and the rest of the country.

“FiveFifty offers your business safe, reliable passage through challenging and potentially hazardous terrain,” Wilson said. “We help companies achieve their online goals by connecting them exactly to their ideal audiences. The ‘information superhighway’ is always at your disposal. But we can help you go farther, faster to reach precisely the right people.”

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