Whole Mind Counseling empowers patients to live holistically amid a pandemic

Dallas, TX–For many, 2020 has been an emotional rollercoaster. Most of us know someone whose employment has been affected or whose health has been impacted, and we’ve all had to adjust in novel ways to living through a pandemic.

Therapist Patricia Batoba Jones of Whole Mind Counseling

“People are grieving all types of losses, which has created a mental health crisis,” said Therapist Patricia Batoba Jones of Whole Mind Counseling. “They are looking for ways to cope and adjust to the new normal. I have noticed a shift in clients needing more help with marriage counseling, parenting skills and managing anxiety.”

Jones recently launched Whole Mind Counseling, a private practice to help strengthen patients on their journey to wholeness in a virtual therapeutic space that is non-judgmental, warm, compassionate and accepting.

“It’s important to have a safe place where one can process feelings and emotions and be able to gain insight, tools and skills to cope and manage the day-to-day stress this pandemic is causing,” Jones said. “The pandemic has created a great need for mental health services.”

Whole Mind Counseling takes a holistic approach to counseling and focuses on the whole person: mind, body and spirit.

“What sets WMC apart from other counseling services is that we treat you as family,” she said. “We believe that you’re not just another patient, but that you’ve been led you to us for a reason. Therefore, we consider it an honor to partner with you in your life journey to healing and wholeness.”

Unfortunately, for some there is a stigma associated with seeking a counselor. This stems from a lack of education on what counseling and mental health actually entails.

“I like to use this metaphor: when your physical body is ill, often we don’t hesitate to see a medical doctor because we believe they can treat it,” she said. “But when our mind is ill, we tend to neglect it, considering it less important. The truth of the matter is that it all begins in our mind. Your mind is just as important as the rest of your body. A healthy mind equals a healthy body.”

Jones has always had a desire to help people, which is why she pursued a degree in social work. Many of her clients are millennials and adults in their late twenties to early forties who are going through life transitions.

Due to Covid-19, all Whole Mind Counseling sessions are currently virtual. To schedule an appointment, you can contact Patricia Batoba Jones at 972-439-5615 or email wholemindcounseling@gmail.com. You can also visit
http://www.wholemindcounseling.com and on Instagram at wholemindcounseling.

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